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Development Symposium

Development Symposium

The Vision for Excellence International University “VEIU” has successfully organized a leadership symposium in Bukavu Town, Congo Democratic on this May 28, 2022 with Participants from various Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as from neighboring countries such Rwanda, Burundi etc. this was made through a strong partnership between the VEIU and the “ Université Simon Kimbangu of Bukavu”. The theme of this one day Leaders empowerment was “the impacts of Education to Servants of God” developed as a. Develop Individual attention, b. Sharpen Your Skills, c. Social interaction with peers, d. Disciplined environment, e. Prepare for Future Ministry Opportunities, f. Access Ministry resources, g. Enable Ministry development through partnership with other leaders, h. Social consideration, i. Breaking barriers and limitations, etc This has resulted the registration of thirty five new students registering in the faculty of theology at the VEIU and five Bible Centers opened in different churches in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo Democratic. If you want to join VEIU projects kindly contact us through

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  1. Vicky Benaon

    Great work VEIU Africa. Congratulations

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