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Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Vision for Excellence International University programs requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Each of our programs may have slightly different admissions requirements. International students can get more details on their admissions process on the International Students page or by contacting the Admission Advisor at info@veiuniversity.org for more specific information. Applicants should submit: • A statement of purpose • A completed application • Application fee • Current resume/CV • Official transcripts from all academic institutions from which you earned credit • Letters of recommendation Other program-specific materials may be required as well. Please note: VEIU has the right to request original documentation. Submission of fabricated or false documents will result in immediate dismissal of the application and will disqualify the individual from applying to VEIU in the future. Documents submitted for admissions purposes will not be returned to the applicant. First Time College Students If you are attending college for the first time, we only require that you completed high school. You will demonstrate this by completing an online High School and GED self-certification form to comply with Federal regulations. The High School Self-Certification Form can be completed through our online portal or printable form. Please note that this requirement is waived for students who already have an Associate’s degree. Transfer Students Please visit our Undergraduate Admissions page to see more specific admission requirements and policies for college admission into an online associates degree or bachelor’s degree. • A High School Self-Certification Form – This can be completed through our online portal or printable form. This form will be waived for students who have already earned an associates degree. • Copies of transcripts from any previous accredited college-level coursework are required. VEIU is the Largest Nonprofit International University of the region As a nonprofit university that offers a wide variety of online programs, VEIU understands the value of investing time and money into your education. Standing firm on its established mission to Train Champions for Christ, VEIU y is preparing students to serve in today’s workforce. As part of Liberty’s commitment, the university is dedicated to providing biblically sound, academically excellent online degree programs that prepare students for successful careers. What is a Nonprofit Online College or University? As a nonprofit (not-for-profit) university that has online college degrees in almost various area of study, VEIU is not in the business of gaining profit and revenue. Vision for Excellence International University online program focuses on the training of competent and skilled graduates, which is in keeping with our commitment to your education. Nonprofit colleges do not have to worry about paying dividends to their shareholders. Instead, Liberty University invests that money in our online college degrees How a Nonprofit Online College Helps You For VEIU , nonprofit is more than a status. For Liberty, it is the valuable opportunity to invest in the lives of students who will go out and impact the world for Christ. Here’s how VEIU is investing in your success: Maintaining Low Tuition Rates VEIU offers the lowest tuition rates among top online universities; Tuition for all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs has not increased in three straight years. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, Liberty has been able to keep costs low as a non-profit university. Non-profit colleges can keep the cost of education lower, which means less debt you will have to repay. Scholarships and Other Resources While saving students money through competitive tuition rates, VEIU also provides resources and scholarships for students attending our online college degree programs to help them reach their academic and professional goals. Graduation is the Goal VEIU priority is to see each student succeed and make it to the finish line — graduation. High graduation rates prove that success is within reach.
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