Prof. Dr. Byelongo Elisée Isheloke

Ph.D. of Business Administration, Durban University of Technology,
Faculty of management sciences.

• Lecturer of cornerstone module (Education subjects, research methodology, business related subjects) at the Durban University of Technology. January-June 2018
• Lecturer of Economics; Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4 & N5; and Public Finance N5 at Central Technical College. Duties Include: Preparing and delivering lectures, managing student progress and performing related administrative tasks. 2016
• Freelance Consultant at PEP AFRICA. Duties Include: Project development, contract development, editing, business plan writing. Part-time: 2016
• Lecturer of Business law and Accounting Control at Damelin Education Group (part-time). Duties Include: Preparing, delivering lectures and marking. 2015
• Tutor/consultant at the Writing Centre at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). Duties Include: helping students with their academic writing, with research methodology or literature review techniques, using Turnitin or Whitesmoke software to check plagiarism and advise students accordingly. 2012 – 2015
• French & Life Orientation teacher at Crawford School PNC. Duties Include teaching French and Life Orientation. 2011 – 2015
• Health and Safety Officer & Deputy Operations Supervisor at Eurotrade Metals Africa (EMA). Duties Include: Managing the Health and Safety department and organizing training and skills development programmes. 2007 – 2011
• French teacher and translator at Alliance Française de Durban as well as Junior lecturer at ML Sultan Technikon. Teaching, motivating and encouraging French second-language learners to improved mastery of the language. 2001-2007
• Research assistant at the Institute for Research and Development (I.R.D). Duties Include: various research related works as instructed by Dr Frederic Giraud i.e. verifying selected publications in the Government Gazette and analyzing their content as led by Dr Giraud. 2002

Educational Qualifications
• PhD in Business administration (Preparing second submission of full thesis for review. at DUT).
• Master of Technology Degree: Business Administration. 2010 – 2013 (graduated)
• Advanced Business Programme/ Baccalaureus Technoligae (BTECH degree): Management. 2007-2008 (graduated).
• Advanced Diploma in Business Management, SAIM endorsed.
• Equivalent status of National Diploma granted at DUT.
• Diploma in Education graduated in 1996 in D.R.C. 1994-1996 (completed)
Prof. Dr. Byelongo Elisée Isheloke speaks English, French, Esperanto, Swahili.

Authors of :

• Echo from Bembeland (Book published in Germany. Original title: Eĥoj el Bembujo). Publisher: Monda Asembleo Socia (MAS), 2009.
• History of the Esperanto Mouvement in South Africa and its peripheries: a biography of Axel von Blottnitz (Book published in Esperanto by MAS in 2016.
• A greener approach to metal, non-metal and mineral management. Published in 2017 (Educor Academic Journal).
• From “The Coming World” (Original title: “El la Onta Mondo”, published in Beletra Almanako Number 20 (June 2014), New York.
• Mayville, a suburb of the Durban City Centre in South Africa: Challenges and Perspectives (Original title: Mayville, la Kvartalo en urbocentro de Durbano en Sud-Afriko: defioj kaj perspektivoj), Beletra Almanako number 22 (February 2015).

• Quality initiatives: Operations and management perspectives in a particular scrap metal company in Phoenix Industrial Park. Published in 2017 in JMA (Journal of Business Administration);
• The influence of Quality Initiatives on Metal and Mineral Operations. Published in 2018 (Lambert Publishing) in Latvia.
• Corporate Social Responsibilities: a comparative study of the DRC, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Published in 2019 (Springer).
• Esperanto as an auxiliary language and possible solution to the BRICS language dilemma: a case study. Published in 2019 (by Respectus Philologicus).
• Many newspaper articles on the mining sector business (available) which could be sent on request.
• Three papers at least, awaiting publication (currently under a blind peer review in international journals).

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